We train, develop and supervise coaches to develop coaching skills and increase coaching competence

Over the last two decades the use of coaching as a means of enhancing performance and development in organizations has increased substantially. This trend shows no sign of slowing down. The use of external and internal coaches is set to grow significantly. In order to keep pace with this trend, organizations need to increase their coaching competence.

We partner with organizations to:

  • Select, train and develop internal coaches
  • Design and deliver Leader & Manager as Coach programs
  • Develop Peer-to-Peer Coaching Pods
  • Provide customized Continuing Professional Development
  • Advise on the implementation and evaluation of coaching programs
  • Create Coaching Cultures and Develop Coaching Centers of Excellence

Coaching Supervision

While professional supervision has long been a necessity in professions such psychotherapy, it has only recently begun to find a place in the field of coaching. However, this is changing and changing fast. Coaching supervision is a growing international trend and is seen as a key differentiator in the market place. It is recognized as an essential component of both internal and external coaching – a necessity not an optional extra. Increasingly, corporate clients are requiring supervision as part of their hiring criteria and quality assurance process.

In our knowledge driven, competitive and rapidly changing economy, the demands placed on our leaders and organizations have grown exponentially. If we, as coaches, are to support leaders in meeting those demands, we need to enhance our ability to take multiple perspectives on client issues and the coaching process. We must engage in continuous professional development and reflective practice through formal supervision in order to develop greater coaching competence.

We offer:

  • One-to-one Coaching Supervision
  • Peer Coaching Supervision
  • Group Coaching Supervision

We also consult on the development of internal and external coaching supervision programs. Our approach:

  • Ensures that processes are put in place that “harvest the learning” from all of the organization’s coaching supervision conversations. Supervision becomes part of the cycle of ongoing learning, development and emergent strategy; and
  • Is designed and structured to take advantage of the “Coaching Ripple Effect” ensuring maximum effectiveness, optimizing outcomes and Return on Investment.