Why Coaching?

Coaching is emerging as one of the most significant approaches to the development of individuals, teams and organizations. Research suggests that coaching is at least four times more effective than a typical training program. Importantly, coaching not only facilitates executive development, but also has a positive and profound impact on organizational success.

In an age of unprecedented complexity, uncertainty and change, turbulence is becoming part of our everyday experience. We must be willing to adapt and remain agile in order to respond effectively and more creatively to this ever-changing context. Coaching, with its focus on ongoing self-directed learning and personal growth, enables individuals to harness their potential and step up in response to these challenges. This increased interest and use of coaching has, in part, resulted from growing evidence supporting its effectiveness.

Our Coaching

Our approach is Evidence Based, developmental, systemic and aligned with stakeholder needs, both now and in the future. Our coaching programs are specifically designed to have broader impact through the “Coaching Ripple Effect”. We offer individual, team and group coaching, including:

  • Leadership Coaching

    In addition to the more traditional approaches to leadership coaching that focus on the development of skills and competencies, our coaching also encompasses the development of the mindset, adaptive capabilities, agility, and perspective taking capacity, required for effective leadership and organizational success in a fast moving, unpredictable environment.

  • Transition Coaching

    Targeted at supporting those in transition, including those transitioning into a new role and those moving from a role as individual contributor or technical expert to strategic business leader. We also work with those expanding their role, or those moving into positions that involve greater leadership and management responsibilities.

  • High Potential Coaching

    We provide capability building and leadership development for your organizations most critical high performers. Our coaching is tailored to individual developmental needs in the context of your organization’s most pressing challenges, opportunities and strategic objectives.

  • Global Transitions

    Studies suggest that global and expat transitions have a failure rate of between 25-50%. We provide structured coaching programs that provide support pre, during and post transition. Our programs aim to ensure that executives hit the ground running – allowing them to achieve sustainable high performance as fast as possible.

  • Conflict Coaching & Mediation

    Drawing on extensive experience in dispute resolution, conflict management and mediation, coupled with a deep understanding of interpersonal, group and system dynamics, we work with individuals and groups to resolve interpersonal and group conflicts that negatively impact performance.

  • Senior Leader Advisor Coaching

    We work along side your most senior leaders straddling the role of coach, consultant and advisor. This approach provides the flexibility to undertake whatever work is most pressing, whilst at the same time undergoing more long-term development. It is designed for leaders who aim to successfully lead integrated, high performing teams in a complex matrix organization. It is particularly useful during times of change associated with growth, mergers, restructures and global expansion. It is also suitable for leaders who are under pressure and want on‐call support to manage both specific challenges and the less predictable situations thrown up by change and transition.

  • Group Coaching, Team & Systemic Team Coaching

    Group and team coaching is rapidly gaining traction as a powerful tool for helping improve performance. It is being increasingly recognized that the performance issues of both organizations and individuals are systemic. Group and team coaching, when done well, act as the bridge between individual and organizational learning. Indeed, groups and teams are the most practical unit to integrate individual and systemic perspectives, to manage the complexity of co-working, and to respond to the shifting needs of organizations.

    Despite this, experience in the field suggests that coaches are adapting approaches to meet this demand with mixed success. Our coaches have extensive experience, having undertaken the highest levels of training and professional development in Group, Team and Systemic Team Coaching. We are also actively engaged in research in this complex and demanding area, which allows us to bring rigor and leading edge thinking to our group and team coaching offerings.

  • End-to-End Consulting

    We provide end-to-end consulting on the design and development of:

    • Leader & Manager as Coach programs;
    • Internal Coaching Programs;
    • Internal Coach Training, Development & Supervision;
    • Coaching Cultures; and
    • Coaching Centers of Excellence.