Introduction to Evidence Based Coaching, New York, November 8, 2018

Introduction to Evidence Based Coaching

Over the last two decades the use of coaching as a means of enhancing performance and development in organizations has increased substantially. This trend shows no sign of slowing down. At the same time there has been exponential growth in the amount of coaching research, and increased interest in the development of evidence-based approaches to coaching. Despite this, there is still a lack of clarity about what constitutes evidence-based coaching.

“The intelligent and conscientious use of relevant and best current knowledge, integrated with professional practitioner expertise in making decisions about how to deliver coaching to coaching clients and in designing and delivering coach training programs” Grant, 2016

Using the best available evidence from research, theory and practice, this unique workshop will explore the fundamentals of coaching, including the core theories and techniques of evidence-based coaching used to facilitate individual and cultural change. The workshop covers both the “how” of coaching (how to coach) and the “why” of coaching (why it works) – it is results focused, interactive and highly experiential.

Join my colleague Clive Leach and I for this one day interactive and experiential workshop on November 8, 2018

Participants will:

·     Understand the nature of evidence-based practice as it relates to coaching;

·     Explore of some of the research in the field of coaching, including the latest research on motivation and the “coaching ripple effect”;

·     Be provided with an overview of a wide range of theoretical perspectives and approaches to coaching;

·     Learn and practice the core micro skills of solution focused coaching;

·     Participate in co-coaching practice; and

·     Receive individual feedback to enhance effective coaching skills and techniques.

This program is designed for:

·     HR, L&D, OD and Talent professionals who want to learn the fundamentals of coaching theory and practice;

·     Those responsible for coaching and coaching programs within their organization;

·     Those new to coaching or those who wish to explore coaching as a future career;

·     Practicing coaches who want to update their skills to include Evidence Based Practice; and

·     Mid to senior level managers who want to learn to coach their reports and teams more effectively.

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Angela Wright, Director, Coaching Center of Excellence, Association for Talent Development, NYC