We help Leaders acquire more strategic and complex thinking abilities by giving them skills to think, act, behave and engage in new ways.

Organizations are operating in a challenging environment marked by a profound shift that is impacting their bottom line. How an organization responds to these challenges, and how its leaders are developed, is critical to success and long-term sustainability.

Our solutions directly align with our client's goals, objectives and strategies. This ensures that the programs we design address immediate and urgent priorities, while also building long-term capabilities.

Our Approach

Traditional approaches to development do not meet the unprecedented challenges that organizations are facing. They fall short. Research suggests that up to 77% of leaders have not developed the requisite “Complexity of Mind” to thrive in a complex world. They are “in over their heads.”

Our approach builds upon, and enhances, traditional approaches that focus on skills and competencies, to include the development of the mindset, adaptive capabilities and perspective taking capacity required for effective leadership and organizational success in a fast moving, unpredictable environment.

Drawing on the best available evidence from research, theory and practice in the areas of Complexity Science, Systems Thinking, Adult Development, Coaching and Positive Psychology, our approach is systemic, stakeholder driven, and tailored to respond to individual developmental needs, in the context of your key drivers, objectives and critical challenges – now and in the future.

Impacts & Benefits


Think more strategically and more systemically – “connect the dots"

Achieve strategic advantage through resilience and adaptability

Take and integrate multiple perspectives, move beyond “soiled thinking”

Stay competitive by responding to future stakeholder needs – today

Demonstrate more effective problem solving and decision making when faced with unpredictability

Enhance innovation and creativity critical to long term sustainability

Remain agile and resilient as new challenges emerge

Create a culture that fosters engagement, motivation and high performance

Enhance collaboration, set direction, and lead change in the face of evolving expectations

Benefit from the “Ripple Effect” as effective leadership cascades through the organization

Context Matters

We combine first hand practical experience and the latest thinking from Systems Theory, Complexity Science and Network Analysis to design customized programs that work with and the leverage the unique characteristics your business, industry, context and environment.

Ask us about our customized leadership and capability development programs for Law Firms, Professional service Firms and Financial Service Firms.

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